In 2012 the firm HENNLICH celebrates 90 years since its foundation in 1922 in Duchcov. 

Between the years 1922 to 1948 the firm HENNLICH underwent dynamic development. Over a period of 25 years, the small firm which the twenty-two-year-old youngster Hermann August Hennlich founded became an important supplier, not only for the mining industry in Czechoslovakia but also abroad. In the 1930s the firm already had several tens of employees, it supplied its products to all important mining companies of the then Czechoslovakia, it became the first firm in the country to manufacture welding rods, and it also gained interesting foreign orders. Thanks mainly to its patents the firm also maintained its position during the 2nd World War. But the results of the war and political change in Europe had a dynamic impact on the firm and meant a fundamental change in its development. As a result of his German nationality, the firm's founder was forced to leave the then Czechoslovakia. In the end the firm was nationalised and incorporated into the state enterprise Technomat.

After deportation from Czechoslovakia the entire family of the firm’s founder moved to the town of Schärding am Inn in north-west Austria. With very few resources, but with the help and support of his wife, Hermann Hennlich began to establish business contacts with his original suppliers and customers. In his old age he also started to visit new customers in Austria. In spite of the fact that in 1954 the town was flooded, and all of the firm's facilities were destroyed, Hermann Hennlich managed to put the firm on its feet once again and gradually develop it. Although the firm did not restart the manufacture of welding rods, it was successful with other industrial products. In Austria it established itself as a specialist in hydraulics and seals. After the death of the founder Hermann August Hennlich, his family took over the running of the firm: first his daughter Edith and then his grandson Hermann Wolfgang Zebisch.

The firm HENNLICH utilised the developments after 1989, when the communist regimes fell in central and eastern Europe, to return to Czechoslovakia (today the Czech Republic) and also to expand into other countries of the region. Over the course of more than 20 years it has undergone dynamic development. In the many countries where it operates, the HENNLICH group has become an important supplier for industrial enterprises. The group has significantly expanded its product portfolio and increased the share of production of own products. The HENNLICH group has also started to develop activities in certain Asian countries. Asie.