Division G-TERM

G-TERM is part of HENNLICH s.r.o. company and ranks among leading Czech suppliers of heating and cooling systems employing thermal pumps. As one of only few companies, G-TERM ensures the full supply of the system, comprising of an economic assessment of the investment, project feasibility study and development thereof, full supply of material, proper construction work, and guarantee and post-guarantee service. So the system offered by G-TERM is particularly advantageous for customers seeking to obtain a full-scale delivery, guarantee, and contingent service.

G-TERM has more than 10 years of expertise in installing heat-pump-driven heating and cooling systems in residential houses, community and municipal buildings and/or office blocks. Moreover, G-TERM is one of a few companies dealing with industrial utilization of heat pumps in, for example, the food-processing industry, surface treatment industry or water-supply engineering.


Heat pumps

cappilary matts

fan-coils, chillers

heating manifold