Central lubrication

Central lubrication systems ensure regular, automatic lubrication of lubricated parts of individual machines, lines, as well as extensive technological equipment. Devices whose lubricated points are connected to a central lubrication system have a longer service life than devices that are lubricated manually.
 The area of ​​central lubrication also includes other related tasks, such as applying lubricant to surfaces, dispensing lubricant, or filling lubricants.
Our company is an authorized distributor of SKF lubrication systems.
Since 1998, we have been representing the LINCOLN company on our territory - the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of central lubrication systems and components.
Since 2011, when LINCOLN became part of the SKF concern, our portfolio has grown to include systems and components of other brands belonging to the SKF concern - brands VOGEL, MECA FLUID, SAFEMATIC and others. We offer our customers comprehensive solutions:

  • technical consultancy, customized system design
  • supply of components
  • assembly, possibly chief assembly
  • commissioning and operator training
  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • supply of spare parts

We also deliver to Slovakia!
We will be happy to offer and deliver any SKF central lubrication components - brands LINCOLN, VOGEL, SAFEMATIC, MECA FLUID, SPANDAU PUMPEN, etc.
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