About us

LIN-TECH is one of the ten spin-off plants of HENNLICH s.r.o.

Our activity is best described by the slogan: With us you create mechanical movements

We supply rolling linear guides, cross bearings and ball screws for rotary and linear movements of machines with high precision. Sliding bushings and sliding guides made of triboplastics are gaining more and more popularity thanks to their excellent technical parameters, online predictable service life and favorable price. Where there is a risk of damage to an expensive or otherwise delicate part of the machine, we suggest covering these machine parts using various covering elements such as textile bellows, steel telescopic covers, rubber cuffs, spiral covers, blinds or wipers.

LIN-TECH is the number one on the Czech market in moving energy, media and data supplies

Energy chains, highly flexible Chainflex cables and connectors ensure the safe transfer of energy, media and data to moving machine parts. More and more customers are using ReadyChain, a comprehensive supply of movable supply with a guarantee. We are also constantly strengthening our capacities for the production of ReadyCable, connected cables, which we custom-make here in Litoměřice. In the most demanding industrial applications, where it is necessary to connect and disconnect hoses quickly and safely, we supply top-quality quick couplings and multi-couplings. Thanks to various types of drives and torsion motors, we supply the movement apparatus of your machines with the necessary energy. The most powerful torque motors, which are gradually displacing large asynchronous motors with gearboxes, reach torques of up to 170,000 Nm.

What about chips that arise during machining?

The complete chip management system that we design and deliver to our customers consists of several types of chip conveyors and modern and maintenance-free Ecofiltro filter units. We equip a wide variety of machines, manipulators and robots with grippers, pneumatic drives and tool changers.

LIN-TECH is a team of movement technology experts

For each of the above-mentioned areas, a team of specialized experts is at your disposal, ready to advise, design, install and perform service.

We look forward to working with you!


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