About us

The HENNLICH ENERGY division specializes in the following three areas:

  • heat exchangers and industrial coolers including customized cooling systems
  • hydraulic accumulators and their accessories
  • utilization of waste heat and renewable energy sources and related production of heat and electricity

Self-made air coolers are mainly used for cooling oils in hydraulics and lubrication.

A wide range of standard coolers are available for delivery within 1 week.

We also design special custom engine coolers. In the assortment of heat exchangers, we supply plate heat exchangers (soldered and assembled), including microchannel and all-stainless steel ones, and tubular heat exchangers, including heat exchangers for viscous media.

ECO-mizer® is a special product line of heat exchangers. These are flue gas and recovery exchangers for the use of waste heat in industrial processes.

We design, manufacture and supply hydraulic accumulators and their accessories.

We supply technologies for the use of waste heat and the production of electricity. Specifically, ORC units, HELIEX steam expanders for saturated and polluted steam, and last but not least, classic steam turbines from the Indian manufacturer Triveni with outputs of up to 30 MWe.

In cooperation with renowned Czech and German partners and universities, we are engaged in the development of our own low-temperature ORC unit with a power of 40 kW. In the area of ​​biowaste utilization, we have developed a unique alpha FERM® biogas station with an output of up to 100 kWe based on the principle of dry-wet fermentation.


Are you wondering how to achieve savings in your energy operation? Want to save money and the environment? Benefit from our experience in the area of ​​using low-potential heat, waste heat and biomass!

We provide:

basic consultation and solution proposals free of charge energy audits technical-economic studies project processing Call or write. We will come, inspect your operation, study the data, propose options and adjust the next procedure together.

We look forward to meeting you!


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