Central lubrication - systems

Central lubrication systems can be divided into different categories by different points of view. Specific chapter of lubrication build so-called circulation oil systems, where the oil function is not only the basic “lubrication” but also the cooling medium._x000D_

According to the title, the oil circles in the system and only its loss caused by possible leakage is refilled. Circulating system is the closed circuit. However most of lubrication systems are open circuits, where the lubricant is used disposably. Due to lubricant consumption during the usage is this group of lubrication system called the loss lubrication systems. Loss lubrication systems can be divided by different points of view._x000D_

In the undermentioned structure there are the systems categorized by their main usage purpose._x000D_

See the possibility of usage of the undermentioned systems in particular industry branches HERE.