HENNLICH is part of the International HENNLICH Group and supports a free, socially responsible, open and environmentally friendly market economy.

Our goal is to be economically successful and to achieve this goal we make sure our customers, suppliers, co-workers and co-owners benefit from our activities.

Always fulfilling our legal obligations we are committed to becoming more responsible to the world around us. We follow our conscience and explore all opportunities that are open to us.

We optimize our activities by introducing new systems, products, know-how and services.

HENNLICH employees are proud of their company. They are ready to perform and are happy they can contribute to the company’s development. HENNLICH management creates conditions in which our employees can grow and keep developing in a positive way.

Different opinions lead the way to further development. Our employees are able and ready to work together and look for the best solution.

Our variety of cultures and experiences give us strength and help us grow.