Bag dust collector PHL

PHL-series Dust Collectors - enjoy the perfect dedusting.

Bag dust filters PHL-series are equipped with a hopper which ends with the dust container / rotary feeder / screw conveyor.
As the filter medium are used the flat filter bags which do not contain any folds where the dust can settle. They are also very resistant to the possible mechanical rupture.

Features and applications

Typical applications

  • material handling
  • transport belts
  • waste and recycling
  • wood industry
  • painting shops
  • automotive

Main features

  • standard air volumes from 1000 to 7500 m3/h
  • flat filter bags
  • filter medium lifetime min. 10.000 working hours
  • easy to install
  • simple to maintain
  • flexible design (allows installation in areas with low headroom)


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