Bulk truck loader

HENNLICH ENGINEERING offers a unique mobile bulk truck loader for the loading of the bulk solids from big-bags into enclosed trailers and containers or on open trucks.

Bulk truck loader benefits

  • mobility and flexibility
  • reduction of dust within the material loading
  • operation safety
  • user-friendly
  • wide range of the additional accessories

Bulk truck loader standard configuration:

  • Discharge hopper - for the loading from the big-bags.
  • Screw conveyor - for the material conveying, material design - S235 / AISI 304 / AISI 316.
  • Material outlet - telescopic bellows is used for the material loading into the enclosed trailers or open trucks. Loading chute design - electrical or manual.
  • Hydraulic system - used for the manipulation of the equipment into working and parking positions.
  • Control system - used to operate the system.
  • Support construction - with 4 wheels which can be all fixed.