GeoPrint 3D

GeoPrint is a unique geopolymer material that is primarily designed for 3D printing of building components.

It is a two-component binder based on alkali-activated aluminosilicates designed for 3D printing of building components and other objects.

It consists of component A - a dry powdered inorganic aluminosilicate based mixture and component B - an alkaline liquid activator.
When a suitably selected filler is added, a composite material primarily designed for 3D printing is formed. The filler can be sand, aggregate, fireclay grit and other raw materials.

Main advantages:

  • high initial and final strength
  • chemical resistance
  • excellent adhesion to various types of surfaces
  • resistance to high temperatures (up to 1100 °C)
  • low water absorption

GeoPrint is an environmentally friendly product:

  • contains natural ingredients
  • low energy consumption in production
    use of industrial waste products

HENNLICH ENGINEERING has developed a special technology for mixing and dosing geopolymer materials and equipment for 3D printing.

We can print product prototypes for you according to your design, we can print custom products according to your ideas and needs from GeoPrint material as well as other materials designed for 3D printing.


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