Bag dust collector PHI1000

The Bag Dust Collector PHI1000 is usually used for the local dedusting, such as are transfer points of the belt conveyors or bucket elevators heads. 

Standard features

  • air volume: up to 1500 m3/h
  • filter area: 18,4 m2
  • fan power: 1.5 kW
  • standard working temperature: -20 °C/+80 °C


  • mild steel construction
  • filter medium: 12 pcs of flat filter bag
  • JET-PULS system for the automatic and effective cleaning of the filter bags
  • pulse and safety valves, pressure regulator with manometer
  • differential pressure sensor to signalize the filter bags are clogged

Additional features

  • electric control cabinet: 3 x 400 V AC, 50 Hz
  • noise silencer
  • ATEX design
  • design for chemical or food industry
  • non-standard working temperature: -40 °C/+200 °C


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