Cartridge filter M2000-4-N

This modular dust collector is used for the local or central filtration. It is suitable for various industrial areas with non-stop operation (energy, building industry, foundries, welding, chemistry, food industry etc.).

Operational qualities

  • air volume 40.000-52.000 m3/h
  • filtration area up to 787,2 m2
  • fan 75,0-90,0 kW
  • dust outlet <10 mg/m3
  • temperature resistance -20 °C/+80 °C
  • compressed air needed 6 bar


  • filter box made of carbon steel
  • standalone fan with vibration joints and dampers, piping to the fan included
  • filter element: filter cartridge, made of polyester in basic design, diameter 156 mm, lenght 2000 mm
  • air tank with JET-PULS filter cartridges recovery and timer
  • pulse and safety valves, pressure regulator
  • compressed air inlet: internal thread G ½“
  • pressure switch to indicate the filter cartridges are plugged
  • hoppers with support legs and dust containers

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