Rainwater storage bags

Be smart with your finances and save costs.

By managing rainwater wisely, you can save considerable sums of money per year. 

Lack of rainfall? Collect water when you can!

Increasingly, we are facing water shortages especially in the summer months. It is therefore necessary and desirable to take advantage of every rain shower and save expenses. For simple, economical and environmentally friendly rainwater management, we offer flexible bags that reliably retain rainwater and rainwater for further use. 
Collected water can be easily connected to downpipe and gutter systems. The retention of rainwater is easy, as is its subsequent free use; at any time and with no restrictions.

What to do with the collected water?

Depending on the quality of the water, it can be used for flushing, washing laundry or regular washing, or for watering or irrigation. The use of storage bags is encouraged by the current situation of constantly rising water and sewerage charges.

Sizes of bags

Choose from a range of volume sizes, designs and installation accessories. The smallest storage bags start at 1,000 l, the largest have a capacity of 100,000 l.

Flexible rainwater storage tanks are the ideal and modern solution for the seasonal use of rainfall at cottages, cottages, houses, recreational facilities, as well as companies and agricultural cooperatives.


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