Expansion joints and metal hoses

Compensators are fittings that prevent pipe damage that may occur due to temperature changes, vibrations, soil displacement, etc.

They can be used in any industry and in construction and can be used for all media (liquids, gases, solids).

Compensators can absorb different types of movement (or their combination):

• axial - in the direction of the pipeline axis

• lateral - in the direction perpendicular to the pipeline axis

• angular - angular deviations from the pipeline axis

We offer an unlimited choice of clearances, different material design options and a wide range of connection ends (flanges, sockets, threads, etc.) incl. non-standard designs.

Depending on the type of medium and its parameters (pressure, temperature, etc.), compensators are made of the following materials:

• stainless steel bellows

• rubber bellows

• bellows made of technical fabrics