Segment screws

Main features:

Bolts (clamping screws) create a uniform force on the surfaces of the connected parts.

- Ideal sealing due to uniform pressure on the sealing material.

- Uniform and defined forces and tightening torques.

- Attaching the bolts directly to the tank.

Segment bolts are certified for pressure vessels.

Assortment of bolts:

Screw studs of various materials (according to AD2000 and ASME Code)

for maintenance-free use

Special screw bolts, or according to customer requirements

Screw studs according to DIN 28 152

Cover nuts

Wing nuts

Hexagon nuts

We offer a wide range of bolt finishes:

- Grinding

- Electropolishing

- Nickel plating

- Hard chrome plating

- Sandblasting

- Pickling

- Surface treatment Veralit

- galvanized (blue)