Microsand filtration


Vortisand® is a pioneer in the combination of centrifugal separation (vortex effect) and microsand filtration.

In fact, it uses a tangential vortex applied above the sand bed to keep the impurities above the sand bed. The use of centrifugal force over the multilayer sand bed helps to remove suspended solids and significantly increases the effective filtration area within the vessel.

The turbulence creates a continuous cleaning action that acts on suspended solids that accumulate near the inner wall of the vessel. As a result of this effect, very fine sand can be used without the risk of clogging the medium. The water, which is thus freed of most impurities, is then filtered through the fine sand and subsequently discharged. Impurities that are trapped above the sand layer are removed by an automatic washing cycle. This cycle uses less water and less washing time than conventional sand filters for the Vortisand® filter. This process contributes to longer duty cycles and much finer filtration.


  • Vortisand® - a device with a short payback period 

  • Up to 10% energy savings due to improved heat transfer

  • reduced maintenance costs by reducing periodic cleaning

  • optimises your water chemistry 

  • Reduced costs due to downtime due to the cleanest filtered water

  • water savings by using less wash water

Is there a cooling circuit on your plant? 

Let us provide you with a quote for a filtration system. We will prepare a quotation for you, calculating the savings and return on investment.

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