System DOS-HMC

Description: This system is intended for dispensing of grease oil, or other non-corrosive liquids. Dosed quantities can be from a few tenths to units of liters. 
The system consists of a pneumatic barrel pump, at the inlet of which there is an air maintenance unit with an solenoid valve.
 At the outlet of the pump, there is a filter, pressure gauge, solenoid valve 2-2 and el. flow meter. 

The control of the system is provided by the autonomous LubeMaster control unit, on which up to 16 preset doses can be set.

The system can be supplemented with a hose reel, a remote wireless controller to initiate the dispensing of a dose, or a custom-made final application device or a dispensing gun.

For more sophisticated electrical control requirements, we supply special, custom-made control units. 

Special requirements are, for example, the need for visualization, sending data to a superior control system via GSM, or dosing at multiple workplaces controlled by one control system at the same time.

 Function: The priming drum pump keeps overpressure in the system. The operator selects the desired dose from the stored presets and starts the dosing either with a button on the control unit or with the remote control.

 This will open the solenoid  valve 2-2 and the lubricant will begin to flow through the el. flow meter. 

It starts sending impulses into the control unit. On the display of the control unit, it is possible to monitor the current dispensed quantity. 
As soon as the number of impulses reaches the number corresponding to the set dose, the electromagnetic valve 2-2 is closed and dosing ends.

 Standard components of the LUBEMASTER system: Pumps

  • barrel pneumatic - PowerMaster III, Lubrigun, ABNOX, RAASM, etc.

Special LubeMaster components
  • electricity flow meter with solenoid valve 2-2
  • LubeMaster control unit

Other system components

Main areas of use: Where it is a matter of filling to one place with a more frequent need to change the dose. E.g. filling the bearing housings of railway wheels with grease. More details about this system can be found in the attached LubeMaster system user manual.