System with single pipe dispensers

Description: This is practically a subgroup of the Centro-Matic lubrication system with a single-stroke pump, with one or several lubrication points. The source of pressure lubricant is a pneumatic single-stroke piston pump, to which one or more Centro-Matic SL injectors are connected, depending on the number of dosing points. If it is a matter of grease dosing, the dosing unit must be mounted directly in the discharge otlet of the pump (no connecting pipe!), which will allow very quick pressure release of the system and thus very short dosing cycles - approx. 2-3 seconds.
Function: After the start of the dosing cycle, the pump performs one discharge stroke, while the pressure in the system rises to a pressure corresponding to the working pressure of the used injectors  (the air pressure for driving the pump must be set to correspond to the required working pressure and the pump pressure ratio). Due to the effect of working pressure, the injector pushes the set amount of lubricant into the dosing point. After a short time delay, the pump piston returns to its initial position and connects the discharge to the lubricant reservoir. If the pressure drops below the relief value of the used injector the working piston in the dispenser takes the initial position due to the action of the spring, the dosing chamber in the injector is filled with lubricant and the system is ready for the next cycle. Standard components of for systems with Centro-Matic dispensers: Pumps

pneumatic single stroke pumpsfor grease - Centro-Matic P-T; 7.4 [cm3/cycle]; 20:1
pneumatic single stroke pumps for oil - Centro-Matic P-O; 7.4 [cm3/cycle]; 20:1

Centro-Matic injectors
for fat - SL 32
for oil - SL 43

All dispensers have an adjustable dose size in the range of 0.016 - 0.131 cm3/cycle and are equipped with a pin for the possibility of visual control of the function.

Other system components
accessories (air maintenance unit)
lubricant lines  (pipes, hoses, fittings)

Main areas of use: Anywhere where oil or grease is to be dosed in very small doses - e.g. assembly workplace of components for the automotive industry, etc. If there are more dosing points, they all work in one rhythm!