System with volume-controlled dosing valves

The Swiss company ABNOX is one of the world's leading companies in the field of production and supply of components and systems for dosing lubricants.

Description of the ABNOX dosing system

The dosing system is made up of a pneumatic barrel pump, at the inlet of which there is an air conditioning unit with an electromagnetic valve. A pressure gauge or other accessories, such as a bubble remover, are usually placed at the pump outlet. etc.
The lubricant is routed through the main distribution to one or more dispensing workplaces. If there are significant differences in the length of supply routes between workplaces, it is advisable to place a reduction valve at the entrance to each workplace, for the possibility of setting the pressure of the inlet lubricant for each dispensing workplace separately.
At each workplace, the lubricant supply is connected to the required number of ABNOX dispensers, which are also supplied with compressed air. The dispensed lubricant is usually fed from the dispensers into a custom-made product, which applies it to the required part.

The initiation of the dispensing of doses is carried out:

  • manually - in case of use of dispensers, it is started
  • manually operated pneumatic valve - button, lever, mushroom, foot pedal, etc.
  • automatically - el. sensing the insertion of the object into the fixture controlled by one control system.


The filling barrel pump maintains the overpressure in the ABNOX dosing system. As soon as there is a request to issue a dose, the operator initiates the issue according to the above options. The dispenser(s) dispense exactly one set dose of lubricant. The dosing cycle is over

Standard system elements with ABNOX dispensers


  • barrel pneumatic ABNOX- Easy Lub AXEP, AXKP, AXFP

ABNOX dosing valves

  • AXDV-C1 (1-20 mm3), AXDV-C2 (10-200 mm3), AXDV-C3 (0.1-2 cm3), AXDV-C4 (1-6 cm3), stationary / triggerable for manual control ( design PN, HG, SV)
  • dosing valves series 419: 2-26 cm3, 5-54 cm3, 10-133 cm3, 30-500 cm3
  • dosing valve accessories: el. function sensor, output extensions

Other system components

accessories (pressure gauge, air conditioning unit, etc.)
lubricant distribution (pipes, hoses, fittings, anchoring and assembly material)

Main areas of application of ABNOX dosing systems:

Assembly workplaces mainly in the "automotive" and "assembly" industry, where in serial production, defined doses of lubricant are applied to defined locations of components. This system is suitable for applications where it is necessary to dose with a high frequency and where the dose does not change very often. The information presented here refers to systems with the most commonly used dosing valves. Atypical dosing valves are also available, e.g. type AXDV A1/A3 with continuous delivery, or AXDV-P1 with an integrated initiation valve, intended for contactless application. Details on the components of the ABNOX systems can be found below, in the attached documentation, or on the ABNOX website.