Cyclone separators

Cyclone dust collector (cyclone) is used for separation of solid fractions from air.

Cyclone can be used separately or as a pre-separation before the filter units. Cyclone is not suitable for suction of sticky (wet) dust.
Efficiency of cyclone separator depends on size and weight of exhausted particles and it might be regulated by valve in pipelines


  • blasting cabins
  • welding operations
  • grinding
  • joiner´s shops
  • glassworks

Cyclone description

Cyclone separator directs the air flow thanks to its cylindrical shape. Due to centrifugal effect and to inertia comes to separation of solid particles from the air.
Separated dust falls spontaneously to the bottom part of device which is ended by collecting container or rotary feeder.
Cyclone separator is usually placed on supporting steel construction.


  • carbon steel
  • stainless steel
  • plastic

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