Spark traps

Spark Trap reliably prevents sparks, coarse particles and cigarette butts from entering the filter system.


Welding and grinding operations are accompanied by high speed suction posing a potential fire risk.
Using spark trap during these operations prevents the fire and preserves the longer life of filter elements.
Heavy sparks are removed from air flow by centrifugal acceleration. All sparks fall into the collecting container, which is in safety distance from main filters and away from air-distribution system. Collecting container can be easily separated and emptied even during system operation.



  • cutting material with plasma or oxygen torch
  • manual, automatic and robotic welding
  • welding and grinding Operations


  • drastic costs reduction due to longer filter life
  • easy connection to existing piping system
  • low maintenance costs
  • minimization of fire hazards by separating sparks, coarse particles and cigarette butts
  • can be combined with extinguishing systems
  • easy maintenance

Material design

  • carbon steel
  • stainless steel

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