Strain Relief Systems

igus strain relief elements have been developed blindly for use in power chains and dynamic applications. They are used to secure cables in power chains and ensure that cables are not pulled out.
The combination of chainflex cable materials and the touching plastic components of the strain relief elements aims to achieve long cable life and maximum holding force. The strain relief elements have been used by customers around the world for years. These include CFXL clamps for long runs and demanding applications or CFU.V strain relief with an innovative design that allows installation in seconds and offers high holding force, as well as CFN chainfix strain relief nugget blocks for simple and cost-effective strain relief solutions.

Minimum distance between the tension relief block and the start of the bend radius

Our in-house tests show that components of the strain relief device that are close to the bending point of the e-chain do not adversely affect the durability of chainflex cables. Therefore, it is possible to place the strain relief in the terminations. We supply different variants of strain relief devices, such as chainfix clamps or space-saving tie plates, for almost all e-chains.