HENNLICH ENGINEERING is an investor-engineering and production plant specialising in ways of combating dust nuisance in operational units.

The key production program of HENNLICH ENGINEERING consists of a loading spout for dust-free operation with dry bulk materials. In places where loose mass is handled, the light fraction and dust tend to leak into the air. Dust pollutes the area and has a negative effect upon the working environment’s hygiene and the safety of operation.

Apart from ensuring production, the branch provides complete "turn-key" deliveries as per the customer's request - including design, assembly and service. We will be glad to help you combat dust nuisance at your production site.

As part of dust solutions, the branch provides supplies of extraction and filtration equipment, central vacuum cleaners, high-pressure fogging systems, fog cannons, belt conveyors, through conveyors, pipe conveyors, steel silos and other equipment used for loose materials handling.

Our customer portfolio comprises companies such as:

Cement plants, lime operations, coal power stations, heating plants, coal-cleaning plants, ceramics plants, quarries, mines, chemical factories, agricultural supply and purchase centres, manufacturers of fertilizers, granulation products, pellets and of dry mortar mixtures, building companies, manufacturers of rubble, sand and gravel, food processing plants etc.

We are holders of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14 001:2004.


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