Division CEMA-TECH

Who we are

CEMATECH offers complete systems of central lubrication. Central lubrication systems delivered by CEMATECH are individually designed, tailor-made to fit the customer's requirements and needs. Projects are developed by a team of skilled engineers-designers with many years' experience in designing cutting-edge lubrication systems. Moreover, the division has the component base and technical support of LINCOLN, an American-German Company that currently is at the forefront of companies active worldwide in the line of central lubrication systems.

In addition, CEMATECH deals with printing ink conveyance systems used in the printing industry. In the said area there is cooperation with LINCOLN GRAPHICS, a division of LINCOLN company.

Comprehensive services, assembly, maintenance

CEMATECH engineers will draw up - free of cost - a non-binding tailor-made bid project that suits your operating environment. Supplies delivered on a turn-key basis are a matter of course, i.e. inclusive of assembly and main assembly of the equipment with your staff attending. Upon implementation, great attention is devoted to the training of the customer’s operating staff. High-quality maintenance of equipment supplied by CEMATECH is the most critical requirement in terms of ensuring proper functioning, reliability and useful life. Upon request, CEMATECH will provide regular maintenance under guarantee and post-guarantee checks and reviews of equipment installed.


central and individual lubrication

printing industry