The HENNLICH SEALS branch provides production, deliveries and technical consultancy in the area of sealing components. What we attempt to accomplish is to provide our customers with a full  range of sealing components, which are the heart of many cutting-edge facilities and equipment. So their quality greatly influences the trouble-free operation of most production sites. The respective products are on display in detail on our website.

Our credo is quality, delivery speed and customer-centric approach.

Factors contributing to our customers' satisfaction include a free consultancy service rendered by our engineers at the company headquarters, regional offices and in the field, as well as services provided by a team of  commercial assistants dealing with requests and orders.

Another asset behind our long-term cooperation with numerous customers is our extensive storage location. Since 2003 we have expanded the scope of our portfolio by launching the production of some sealing types that are made on our own HENNLICH Sealmaster machines installed in the Czech Republic.