HENNLICH 1922 - 2015

1922The company was established in 1922 in Duchcov Czechoslovakia by Hermann A. Hennlich. The first company operated as a wholesaler for mines and mills and other industries. It soon became the first factory for the manufacture of welding rods in Czechoslovakia. The company patented, for example, rods for welding cast iron, malleable iron and steel.
1945After 1945 Hermann A. Hennlich started a new business in Schärding in Austria. Hermann W. Zebisch, grandson of Hermann A. Hennlich, who still leads the company HENNLICH, became the successor to the company’s tradition.
1978The company Hennlich & Zebisch GmbH, specializing in seals, was established.
1989In Austria the production of machine plastic componets started.
1991After the changes in Eastern Europe in 1989 the company returned to Czechoslovakia. Pavel Sumera became a partner, at present he is the managing director of  Hennlich Industrietechnik. The company started new production in 1991 in Litomerice, approximately 40 kilometres from the original seat before the Second World War.
1994The company Hennlich-Ipargechnika Kft., Hungary was established.
1996Hennlich Industrietechnik was divided into branches.
1997Hennlich-Industrijska technology in Radovljica, Slovenia was established.
1999Start of loading equipment production in Czech Republic.
2000Hennlich d.o.o. in Zabrze, Poland was established.
2001Hennlich Industrietechnik Czech republic moved to new office area in Litomerice, Czech Republic.
2002The production of seals started in Kecskemet, Hungary.

The production of seals started in Litomerice, Czech Republic.
Hennlich d.o.o. in Zagreb, Croatia was established.

2004The stock and factory was built for “Highspeed-Seal Service Center“ in Suben near Schärding, Austria.
The production of seals started in Ujezd u Brna, Czech Republic.
Certification of the company according to ISO14001 – environmental protection, Czech Republic.
The new building Hennlich Industrietechnik in Litomerice won an award as one of the most interesting building in Usti nad Labem Region.

Hennlich Industrietechnik in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and Hennlich Industrietechnik in Arad, Romania were established.
The Giving fund HENNLICH was established in The Czech Republic.


Hennlich-Industrietechnik in Serbia was established. Hennlich Industrietechnik Ukraine moved to Dněprodzerzinsk.
Hennlich became a certified supplier of Exxon Mobil, one of the largest companies in the world.

2007Expansion of storage and production space for seals in Suben near Schärding, Austria.
With the contribution of EU funds, the operation of training centre in Litomerice, Czech Republic, started.
2009Hennlich Industrietechnik in Minsk, Belarus was established. The company installed the longest floating power supply in the world in Tusimice – power station (CEZ).
Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation  supported an extension of original spaces of the company in Litomerice. This programme gets funding from the European Union.
2010Hennlich Industrietechnik prepared to enter the Chinese and Indian markets.
The office in Moscow for customers on the Russian market was opened.
Hennlich Industrietechnik started the construction of new spaces for 120 million. It was supported by EU funds.
Hennlich Engineering won a prize for the application of the longest power chain in the world -  Vector Awards at International Engineering Fair in Hannover.
The HENNLICH group founded a subsidiary in Macedonia and France. And so France is now the 14th country where the group operates.
The company Hennlich Industrietechnik also started to supply energy-saving and ecological solutions for the power generation and distribution industry. For this reason it founded the division HENNLICH Energy.
With the support of European funds, the firm Hennlich Industrietechnik started a project for the education of its employees.
In 2012 the firm HENNLICH celebrated the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the original firm H. A. Hennlich in the northern Czech town of Duchcov – more on special page.
Change of firm's name from Hennlich Industrietechnik spol s.r.o. to HENNLICH s.r.o.
2013 Opening of the first HENNLICH regional branch in Yekaterinburg (RU)
2014 Start of HENNLICH GmbH in Cordast, Switzerland
Establishing the HENNLICH - Cooling Technologies GmbH, Austria
2015 Establishing the HENNLICH HCT GmbH Germany, storage and cooling technology